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Spring coiling machine for  “Bonnell“ springs

Operation of the machine without any use of compressed air.

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“Original Remex“ fully automatic spring coiling machine, Model BC-90,  for the automatic production of  “Bonnell“ type springs, including safety cabin,  Model RE-750 and electrically controlled wire reel,  Model RE-850 for coils up  to 1500 kg.




The BC-90 machine is fully automatically forming, cutting, knotting, heat-treating
and stacking “Bonnell“ type springs. Thanks to the new technologies introduced,
the BC-90 coiler is running exceptionally smooth at a very high efficiency. The
springs are ejected at an ergonomical height, which does allow the operator to
take them off the machine in upright position.


Technical specifications:  
Wire gauge (size):


standard 1.9 mm   -   2.4  mm
other sizes are possible
Spring diameter inside


58 mm   -   93  mmbr> (gradually adjustable)
Spring height: 70  mm   -   180 mm
Spring convolutions (turns): 4 / 5 / 6
Production speed:  

approx. 90 springs / min.,  however, the production-speed is depending on the spring configurations as well as on the quality of wire used.

Wire preconditions:  

Unproblematical running of the machine to its maximum production speed can only be achieved if the following spring and helical wire is used.  

Nonphosphoted wire with a tensile strength of 1600 – 1800 N/mm˛

according to RAL and DIN 17223.